Bachelor party in Krakow

Bachelor parties are often associated with wild parties, full of bodily pleasures and low-level entertainment.  This stereotype was created by cinema rather than reality, because today we are looking for rather not cheaper entertainment for boys, but entertainment that brings satisfaction to real men who know what they want from life. Krakow is a great city to organize such an event! You will find here almost everything you need to experience an extraordinary adventure. But how to organize a bachelor party so that the future husband could try something that he never did before? How to make it memorized for a long time? This is a task for the best man!

An ideal bachelor party should include several things: first of all, an element of surprise, adrenaline and good fun. The future groom should not expect what awaits him on this special night to experience unusual emotions. And you do not need to organize a false kidnapping so that the groom can feel the adrenaline rush. There are simpler and safer ways to remember this night for a long time. Ensure the right atmosphere and good adrenaline – which appears in healthy competition and allows you to test your own skills and get to know the new face of yourself.  So a perfect idea for a bachelor party may be the firing range in Krakow. Gather the guys and keep secret the purpose of your trip. Arrange a transport that will take you to one of the best shooting range nearby. There will be waiting for you the entertainment of the largest caliber. You will be trained by the best instructors and under their care you will be able to safely release bullets from the magazines. What happens when you shoot? First of all, adrenaline is released, it allows you to get rid of tension and relieve stress.

A visit to the shooting range (check an offer: is a healthy competition and the only opportunity to hold a gun. And here we have weapons like Kalashnikov, Glock, Shotgun, UZI, Beretta and Magnum. Shooting provides a completely new experience, allows you to check your own skills such as self-control, concentration and accuracy. Shooting range is a great start to this amazing evening – thanks to adrenaline and endorphins you will be ready for the next attractions. And in Krakow you will find them a lot. It all depends on your preferences. If you want to get to know the night side of the city, go for a pub crawl or stay in one of the hundreds of clubs on the Old Town.

One thing is for sure – visit Krakow earlier to do research. The city guarantees you a wide variety of attractions and places such as restaurants, hotels, clubs and pubs. You can also rely on spontaneity and just let things happen. If you are an active leisure enthusiast, there is also a paintball, go jumping, flying target shooting, night river cruise and many others waiting for you. Remember – what happened in Krakow, stays in Krakow and of course in your heads. If you come here for a bachelor party, you will not be disappointed and it may happen that one evening will drag you for a few days of great adventure. 

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