Dubai A City Of Great Architecture

In Dubai, it seems like as if the unimagined future is already visibleseen right now. Throughout the world, there are many different forms of architecture but however, the most modern and futuristic architecture can be found in Dubai. The visual appearance of these buildings is indescribable.

Some of the futuristic architectural buildings of Dubai are –

1. Burj Khalifa-

 It is the world’s tallest skyscraper, with a height of 2722 feet. It can obviously be seen from any point in Dubai and from the top of the Burj Khalifa, whole Dubai can be seen. Burj Khalifa has in totals 163 floors. This building is a miracle itself, considering how it stands against the natural forces such as wind, gravity etc. It also has a truly luxurious scope. One can also bravely state that nothing like this skyscraper has ever been built on Earth ever before

2. Cayan Tower

 It stands at an impressive height of 306m. Cayan Tower is the most imposing sight in Dubai, but it’s just not about its height that the tower is famous for; it is the twist of 90 degrees makes this building unique and remarkable sight.

3.  Burj al Arab

Another of Dubai’s iconic architecture is famous for being one of the most luxurious and elegant hotels. The sail-like structure features a helipad on the roof which has played host to number stunts.

4. Dubai frame

A new addition to Dubai’s impressive skyline, the Dubai Frame is an achievement of architecture. With panoramic views, visitors to the Dubai Frame can gaze upon the city from a height of 150m. From the sparkling and crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf to the vast dunes of the desert and the Deira’s old town the entirety of Dubai will be visible from the Frame’s 360-degree point.

5. Atlantis resort

The Atlantis also known as The Palm Hotel houses, provides underwater suites with views from floorflow to ceiling with a lagoon filled with 65,000 marine animals, including one of the most dangerous creatures, shark. Major attractions include the Water Park, where riders experience a vertical drop before being catapulted through a shark-filled lagoon and filled with marine life on the architecture of Atlantis. The Dolphin Bay, in which guests can swim and interact with dolphins, is a must experience. This hotel is very luxurious with more than 1,500 rooms; the complex also has a 1.4 km pristine white beach, along with world-class cuisine and lavish boutiques.

Dubai is not only a lavish, luxurious city but it is also the home to the world’s most astonishing buildings which has set the bar up for the entire world. Dubai’s architecture is something which is praised about all over the entire world. You can take direct flights to Dubai from Delhi in India and enjoy your holidays there, it’s a must visit place for everyone.

Thus Dubai can be stated as one of the finest architecture cities in the world.

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