How to get from Kraków to Zakopane?

Are you planning on having exciting holidays in Poland? Are any of destinations you consider, by any chance, Krakow or Zakopane? If so, you can be wondering what the best way of getting from one place to another can be. Despite having the variety of options, we recommend shuttle bus Zakopane to Krakow that could get you to the desired place on time and without any hassle.

Zakopane is a magnificent place located in the middle of Polish mountains called Tatra. Zakopane offers various attraction throughout the whole year: you can make the most of snowboarding or skiing here in winter, while spring or summer offer you wonderful possibilities of hiking, riding a bike, walking or climbing. No matter of the season – Zakopane is breathtaking, and food you encounter here is absolutely mouth-watering. Also, the prices of accommodation are reasonable, so you would not spend a little fortune here. A little break in Zakopane is highly recommended to anyone who cherishes relax and charging their own batteries, no wonder then that it is so popular among not only foreigners but Polish tourists as well.

Krakow is regarded as the most beautiful spot in Poland for many tourists from abroad, who appreciate the beauty, grace, elegance and history of this popular place. Krakow offers ultimate and unique experience, and it is a place that attracts so many tourists that they decide on coming to Krakow for good.

If you want to visit both of those places, your luck is in – they are located only 2 hours drive from each other which gives you a special opportunity and possibility to visit them both during your short or long trip! If you find a good and reliable bus Zakopane to Krakow, you can save your time for more awesome sightseeing and less hassle during your trip. Spending time on a wrong or not comfortable bus is not what we would call a great trip, right?

Private and shuttle buses are very affordable and could take you from Zakopane to Krakow in no time! And we have to mention that views on the way from Zakopane to Krakow will take your breath away for a while – some little houses and apartments you will see, thermal baths, mountains and forests look glorious and make you want to stay for longer – and take a lot of pictures, too!

Wait no more and book your bus even today for such a lovely experience you will never regret, and we promise you that you will come back to Zakopane not once and not twice! Take your family and friends and make this experience as trouble-free as it can be.


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