How to reach from Jaipur to Puri by train

Puri, the spiritual capital of Odisha, is considered a great point of support in India. As a tourism centre, Puri is famous for its historical antiquities, religious shrines, architectural grandeur, marine beauty and moderate climate. Being a coastal district of Odisha, it is located near the Bay of Bengal. Its golden beaches are another of the world’s attractions for tourists. Puri is a rich deposit of attractions for its visitors from the 3rd century BC. C. Even today it does not lose its charm. We can say that now it is becoming an important tourist destination from the tourist and religious point of view. The city has successfully entered its name on the world map of tourism for its ancient Kalinga architecture and as a fourth Dham of the Hindus.

This centre of attractions includes unique monuments such as those of the Lord Jagannath temple, the Sun God in Konark are famous in the world. It has Chilika Lake, one of the largest brackish water lakes in India, which has a picturesque marine beauty. It offers an ideal complex for birds that migrate from different parts of the continent. Throughout the year, due to its geographical location, the climate of Puri and its safe beaches welcome the world with open arms.

Because of heart throbbing attractions, Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Consisting of such intricate and beautiful architectural gems, the city aptly displays India’s true cultural heritage. With suitable attractions for all, Jaipur hasn’t forgotten its love for food. The place consists of some of the best resorts in India which are themed according to your choice.

The journey from Jaipur to Puri is a long one with a distance of 1699 km, it will take you more than 24 hours to reach your destination. Even though other modes of transport are preferred for such long journeys, the train is the most user-friendly and budgeted option that one will opt for. Sadly, there are only 2 long-distance trains that can handle a commute that long hence the bookings are always an issue.

Pre-booking the train tickets is a highly recommended option for those travelling during peak seasons. Jodhpur Puri Express and Bikaner Puri Express, the latter being faster by 4 hours, it is highly preferred over the other. These trains are only available on Saturday and Sunday thereby one must really plan their trip.

Safe Travels!

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