Tailor made itineraries from Mazurkas Travel

Organization of tailor made itineraries is basic specialization of company Mazurkas Travel. We prepare individual tours for our clients many years. Unlike the group programs that offer the fixed   set of services: charter flights, certain hotels, services of group transfer and standard set of excursions, tailor made itineraries give you freedom of choice and independence. This is an amazing choice if you do not like to be a part of a group, have special travel interests and want a custom route.

Our professional experienced travel consultants are always ready to listen to your preferences and wishes. They are specialists in the area they work so you should not worry about missing the places you want to visit. The plan of your trip will be organized with counting all of your interests. We also know about the events that are not promoted on travel websites so you will have access to secret places and events that will impress you for a long time. Knowledge of our consultants about the events that happen in Poland, weather conditions, destinations let our company be one of the leaders in organizing tailor made itineraries to Poland.

Our team is responsible for your travel inside the country, organizes meeting in the point of arrival and book accommodation in each stop of client. For special needs we can seek out equipment for fishing, hunting, golf and other activities. The main thing is that our client has to clearly formulate the wishes and requirements. It is important correctly to designate the following route, class of the hotel and car, exact amount of tourists in your group and time of stay. Mazurkas Travel will help to determine the best way for your departure. Our specialists will propose you what kind of transportation will be available at the time you want to have your travel. We offer the most famous sights and interesting excursions to the client. Accommodation that is located near the places you will visit will be also proposed to you. Shortly saying, we guarantee you tailor made itineraries with maximum befit to our customer.

What are the advantages of this type of travels?

Journey is planned by you – you set the route of your trip. Continents, countries, hotels and sights – all depends on your choice.

It is very comfortable choice. You are not under terms and certain dates. You chose when you have your travel and how it will look like. Before travel, you know about your dates and destinations but still our individual approach lets you make any changes or spontaneous decisions.  

You can have a rest in the way you wish. You can spend a few days in an ancient castle, go on fishing, take a walk in forest, visit the exhibition of favorite artist. Everything is real with individual tours by Mazurkas Travel.

Individual route. You choose places you want to visit. It is your decision how much time you want to spend in each place and when to leave them to do next stop.

Absence of necessity of joining the group. People often go to have a rest not only to forget about their work and routine but also for rest from other people. When you join the group you are not able to do it so the individual trips will be ideal for you if you wish to travel alone.


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