The Sahara Desert is Not All Heat and Sand

People who are looking for the ultimate vacation destination may be surprised to discover the many possibilities of exploring the Sahara desert through a guided tour. There is a wide variety of adventures awaiting those who wish to explore the exotic cities or Morocco, Marrakesh and Medina. Vacationers can learn to ride a camel while on a guided tour through golden dunes of sand. At the end of the day they will enjoy an appetizing dinner that includes authentic Moroccan dishes. Spending the night in a desert tent is far out of the ordinary for most people, but the accommodations are both comfortable and cozy.

Authentic Sahara tours offer their clients a variety of itineraries to suit their preference. Some vacationers may want to spend a couple days enjoying the sights, sounds and culture of the cities. This may be a wise choice since this allows their body time to adjust to the climate before venturing out into the desert. Travelers who are accustomed to cooler climates should avoid visiting from late in June to early September, and they should make sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. These are the hottest months of the year in the Sahara desert, so scheduling a tour during this time is not recommended.

The cities of Morocco have much to offer with ancient ruins, authentic dishes and memorable experiences. Vacationers can shop for unique souvenirs to serve as reminders of their adventure long after they return home. Day tours are also available to travelers with less time. These short tours begin at 8:30 AM when a driver appears to escort travelers to several scenic destinations within a few hours drive. A lunch and beverages can be included for convenience at an extra charge, and they will return to their hotel by 6:00 PM.

While a day tour can be very enjoyable, most people plan to spend several days in the Sahara. Unless someone happens to be in the region for some other reason, the airfare would be too expensive to travel there for just a one day tour. Most vacationers will plan their itinerary to include a day or two in the cities followed by a few days in the desert. For the the final leg of their vacation, travelers may choose to spend a day or two relaxing on the beach at Oualidia lagoon. The sand, surf and seafood is outstanding in this scenic area, and there are also excellent artist galleries and shops to explore.

There are as many dream vacation destinations as their are people since everyone has a different picture in their mind about what their perfect vacation includes. Some people may want to simply relax in a tropical paradise while others seek excitement and adventure. Most people choose someplace with a comfortable climate, but a few endure freezing temperatures in order to enjoy an ultimate winter sport experience. Most parents plan a summer vacation to include their children since great memories of family time are very important.

The Sahara desert and Morocco tours have very much to offer when it comes to beautiful scenery, excitement and enjoyment. However, this is not a vacation destination where parents of young children will want to bring their family. Children under the age of 12 years are not likely to enjoy their time spent in the desert very much, although teenagers may consider the trip to be a great adventure. Learning to ride a camel and and sleeping in a Bedouin tent is an experience they will surely remember for many years.

The Sahara desert is probably not the first vacation destination that comes to mind for most people. However, it is an area of the world that offers a lot of diversity for people who are looking to find a unique and exciting travel experience. There is a wide variety of scenery and excitement for those who are willing to venture into an unfamiliar world. It is fortunate that a reputable travel tour can take care of all the details and ensure the safety and enjoyment of their clients.

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